Embroidery logo creation Set UP

If you order one of our products with your name or letters emrboidered, no extra costs will be charged but to embroider a logo we have to create this logo in our embroidery software before we do the final embroidery. For your first order with your logo embroidered we charge a small set up fee and like this we can offer you the best quality because don't forget the quality of the embroidery is not only done by the embroidery machine but also by creating in the embroidery software. Once your logo creation set up has been made you can us this for this order and all future orders. All Embroidery or Print is done inhouse in Greenock.You Want Your Logo Embroidered✓ Select textiles in right colour, size and quantity✓ Add our Custombella logo creation set up to your basket✓ Upload your logo here or send to✓ Set up fee is only charged once, no importance of quantity ordered✓ After an order is received we make a preview which you can adjust till you are satisfied✓ No final embroidery will be done before a final visual is approved✓ We only create embroidery logos when textiles are ordered also✓ All logo creation and embroidery is done inhouse✓ For more information contact our Customer ServiceBulk Buy Discounts✓ Do you want to make a mix of products or bigger volumes✓ Contact our Customer Service by Chat, Phone or EmailProduct Notices✓ Materials may vary depending on colours selected✓ Garment sizes are approximate and for guidance only✓ Colour representation is only as accurate as the web process design allowsIf you wish your logo on your textiles but you don't want to pay for this set up cost you can place an order with print. For standard print are no set up costs to pay.

$12.69 inc. VAT$10.57 exc. VAT