At Custombella UK we are proud to announce that we are an official distributor for UK of Nibano Beauty & Hospitality wear. 

Nibano is one of worldwide leading brands in clothes for hairdressers, beauty salons, aprons & chefs known for their unbeatable variation in colours and sizes.

After being a distributor of many brands of clothes for beauty salons , hairdressers and chefs and waiters one of Nibano founders realised that many brands are selling the same colours and sizes but that most customers had a huge interest in a variation in colours, bigger or smaller sizes and a variation in designs.

To offer a wide range the founders realised very fast that it wasn't possible to produce all these kind of products in far east therefore a production unit was created in Europe in 2015 and we're proud to say that all products of Nibano are made in Europe.

After selling for almost 10 years the range of standard items has grown to almost exclusive collection

Nibano is proud to offer now :

* for hairdressers & groomers : gowns, kimono's, aprons & tunics in waterproof and bleach proof fabric in different models, different ways of closing and up to 27 colours.

* for chef's & bakers : chef & baker wear for kids, men & women in different designs, up to 30 colours & sizes up to 7XL.

* For waiters & waitresses : a huge variation in waist & bib aprons up to 30 colours, with or without split and bi-colour bib aprons up to 870 bi-colour variations.

* For Beauty & Spa salons : a wide range of beauty tunics & beauty trousers in different fabrics,size 2XS up to size 7XL and all this in more then 30 colours.

Take a quick look and check our complete Nibano collection which can be printed or embroidered inhouse in Greenock UK.

Don't hesitate to contact us to help you to create your perfect personalised uniform because don't forget your uniform is a big part of your business card and professional apearance of your salon, restaurant or company.