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Custombella United Kingdom makes part of a family owned group of companies specialised in personalisation or customaisation of all kind of items of which most of them are not only printed or embroidered inhouse but also made in our own factory abroad.

The first small steps were made by end 1987 in Antwerp ( Belgium ) from were we started to sell as a trading company textiles with or without personalisation.  

1991 the next step in our long history was made by not only working as a trading company but we also started to import textiles from Taiwan, China, India, Bangladesh, ......

1994 wasn't only the year the oldest daughter was born but we also created our own inhouse screen printing company. This way we weren't only importing textiles but also all textiles were printed inhouse.

1997 We became almost a pioneer by opening as a wholesaler our first showroom where our customers could see all our textiles.

2005 We made our first steps abroad by opening a first branch in The Netherlands.

2006 We started our inhouse embroidery. From this point on we didn't only print all our textiles but also all embroideries were done inhouse

2012 a branch in France was opened.

2015 a long dream became reality after importing, distributing, printing, embroideries and selling textiles for many years we started our own textile factory where we started to produce most of our textiles.

2016 Our own brand Nibano was born which is sold worldwide from United Kingdom to United States, Brazil, Australia, Canada, Dubai, Europe, Hong Kong, Singapore, Israel, Russia, Ukraine and so much more ........

2018 After 30 years of company history and selling our products to resellers and big companies one of the biggest steps was made in our company history. The oldest daughter who loves to personalise items joined the company and Custombella United Kingdom was created and started to specialise to sell online directly to endusers. Orders placed became possible starting from 1 piece.

2020 COVID19 took over the world and sales to endusers with Custombella exploded.

2021 Custombella is opening it's first shop in Greenock (Glasgow, United Kingdom ) ( Official opening soon ) and our new webshop for UK markets on custombella.co.uk will be online.

Being a worldwide seller our Customer Service is able to help you in 7 languages :

✓ English                                            ✓ German                                     ✓ French

✓ Spanish                                            ✓ Dutch                                        ✓ Russian

✓ Ukrainian

For more information don't hesitate to contact us. 

Our UK Custombella advisers  are at your service From Mo - SA : 9.00 AM - 5.00 PM

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Phone : ( +44) 0141 846 0036

Email : Sales@custombella.com