What is the purpose of wearing......................


Many clients ask us what is the purpose of an apron and ofcourse we can give a very short answer because the reason an apron was created is to protect your clothes.

Altough this answer is completely correct we are convinced that an apron is much more then just a piece of textile that protect your clothes.

For us today an apron or even better a personalised apron is becoming one of the most popular and used clothes and yes an apron still protect your clothes but also thanks to very popular cooking shows like Gordon Ramsay's Kitchen Nightmares, Great British Bake Off, Masterchef, Saturday Kitchen and so many more home or hobby cooking is becoming very very popular. 

Maybe as newborn hobby or home cook you aren't the best yet but minimum you want to look like the best and what can't be missed for our professional home or hobby cooks is an apron with a great design. 

Remember a popular expression, you don't have to be the best to start but you have to look the best before you start !

Beside having a lot of hobby cooks today we all love to go out for dinner at a restaurant to have a nice dinner with friends or family but going to a restaurant isn't only the food what is important but the total experience, that will make the difference between eating at home or going to a restaurant. 

What is making part from the experience is food, drinks, service, interior. professionality of the restaurant and here we meet our best friend again because every professional restaurant need to wear personalised clothes and what is part of the personalised clothes a waiter, waitress or cook is wearing , yes indeed personalised aprons.

Are you one of the believers who agrees with us that aprons or personalised aprons are very important today or are you one of the last people who we need to convince :) Happy to have a positive discussion about.

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Julie BellemansEditor